About Me

Sandeep is the co-founder of amrutDhara, a social enterprise for reducing the use of bottled water by offering a safe, cost-effective and environment friendly alternative.

At the age of 16, he marked his first encounter with social entrepreneurship when he worked with his elder brother in starting up a school offering quality and affordable education for children from low income family in a rural village in Jharkhand. Currently, he is pursuing Masters in Civil Engineering with specialization in Infrastructure Management at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Before starting up amrutDhara, he worked on another business idea, FastTrack House, which aimed at providing low cost and fast track housing solution for people at the base of pyramid.

Most recently, he worked with Unitus Seed Fund closely evaluating several early stage social enterprises. Earlier, he worked with ICRA Management Consulting Services in doing feasibility study for two Public Private Partnership projects for Government of Karnataka. He was a research scholar at University of Queensland, Australia and worked on an urban development research project. He has also briefly worked with engineering firms like Consolidated Construction Consortium Ltd. and Usha Martin.

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